1) Report Summary

Within this week’s readings, five additional reports were highlighted (Acquisition, All Traffic, Home, Site Speed and Site Search). Select 3 reports and provide a 2-3 paragraph summary on when an organization should use the report. Within your write-up provide support on if segments could be added to the report, and if so, how could this generate a better data point.

2) Part I:

Log into the Google Analytics Demo Account (https://datastudio.google.com)

  1. Create a dashboard.
  2. Choose a data source.
  3. Customize the report to bring forward the most relevant results.

Take a screenshot for each question and provide a brief explanation of your experience completing the question.

Part II:

Log into the http://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/demoAccount).

Answer the following questions by taking a screenshot and explaining what is being represented.

1. Identify the terms driving the most organic traffic.
2. Identify the terms leading to the highest bounce rate.
3. Determine the average ranking position for branded terms (a branded term is one that includes the business or brand name).
4. Identify the best performing landing page for organic traffic.
5. Google Analytics Demo Account

Please share answers in 2 separate documents.

Requirements: 250-300 words

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